Term 4 Week 8

Due: Friday 28th November 2014.
Write your spelling words in interesting sentences. Underline the rich words you use in the sentences

*Daily Reading
Read any books of interest to you.

Log onto your Studyladder  account to practise your Maths skills. Choose the areas that YOU know that you need to practice. If you are not sure, start by practising your Number Facts in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. You may have another favourite Maths site to help you increase your skills so feel free to use that instead of Studyladder at times.

*Integrated – En-er-gise

Design Brief : Energy and It’s Uses

Your task is to prepare and demonstrate an instrument/device/experiment that uses one of the many forms of energy we have learnt about in this unit. There are many resource books and websites to give you ideas and you can talk to your teacher and your parents to help make your choice about what you are going to do.

This is what you will need to present:
*A demonstration to the class of what you have made and how it works
*A written report containing the following information:
*Materials Used
*Step by Step Instructions
*A few sentences explaining what form of energy you are demonstrating, INCLUDING a definition
*At least 4 examples (may be pictures or words) of other things that use that same form of energy
This is an individual task.  You will have lots of time at school to work on this.
Presentations begin in class in Week 9

Good luck!   Be creative!   Have fun!   Stay safe!



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